The Origin of Airstream-FM

The roots of Airstream FM go back over forty years, even before the Internet or the World Wide Web. In the late 1960s, in a small, rural town, there were two fourteen-year old boys who discovered that they both had an interest in broadcasting and also both loved the Beautiful-Music format. They soon got together and “built” a 100-milliwatt A.M. radio station (now called a Part15 station), the only radio outlet in the county at that time. The two boys used the small station to develop their broadcast skills in programming and announcing.


The Beginning
Dave became a radio engineer, professional announcer, television producer, owner of another radio-station and a cable-TV system. It is his rich, resonant, radio-voice which is enjoyed daily as he plays beautiful music on Airstream FM. The other became a professional musician, conductor and entertainer, and is the founder and program-director of Airstream-FM.

Airstream-FM is testing two streams. We present the standard 128K mp3 stream for broadband users. We are also testing AAC+ technology on a 24K stream for dial-up listeners. Now, even folks with dial-up connections are able to enjoy beautiful stereo music from Airstream-FM. I am sure you will be amazed at the sound of the 24K stream.

The easiest way to listen is with our new POP-UP Player. Or you can download our free, user-friendly Airstream FM Toolbar for broadband. For dial-up users, just follow the directions above. Another way is to use WINAMP for listening to AirstreamFM and for all of your music. Several listeners have said their music sounded better with WINAMP . It is also free and uses far LESS of the resources of your computer.

Julie In The Evenings
Julie Cooke In The Evenings

The Music You Hear On Airstream-FM


The AirstreamFM – Beautiful Music Radio playlist is growing every week.
Most of the music you will hear on AirstreamFM has not been re-released on CD and probably never will. Although the Beautiful Music audience is very loyal, the music has taken a back-seat to more contemporary sounds. Record companies are in the business to make money, not to keep historical records, no matter how much they are treasured by a loyal few million people. Because of the passing of time, AirstreamFM wants to keep this wonderful music alive to be enjoyed by all.

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